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How Church Lapel Pins Can Become A Tool To Boost Your Membership

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Despite the Size, Lapel Pins Deliver a Big Marketing Impact
Church Lapel Pins are a Great Marketing Tool For Any Church

When it comes to your church, you may not think of using church lapel pins in your marketing efforts as being one of your top priorities. Budgets don’t usually allocate funds to such endeavors, yet marketing can be your greatest ally in the goal of spreading the message of the Lord.

A specific area of marketing is most important – outreach marketing. Outreach marketing is the facet of marketing in which a representative of an organization actively seeks out potential leads by meeting with local businesses or the public, speaking at local events, or getting involved with the local chamber of commerce. By networking and creating a lead base, you are opening doors for your church and others.

While you may not be headlining at your local convention center anytime soon, there’s a surefire way to reach your desired audience. One of the most effective ways is to identify and reward members of your congregation.

Enter The Church Lapel Pin

Church lapel pins can take a little-known congregation in a community and increase its membership quickly. Churches tend to benefit from outreach marketing because many do not have a marketing department to promote their teachings and community-wide events. They often rely on members of their congregation to promote fundraisers, bake sales, and youth group trips.

By providing your members with church lapel pins, you give them a way to become unofficial “representatives” of your organization. They may not be speaking at events or making a trip to the chamber of commerce, but wearing a pin that displays their support of your church can be the loudest endorsement of support.

Lapel pins can be used in a number of different ways:

  • Attach pins to custom cardstock or business cards and hand them out to new members
  • Use lapel pins at special church functions as an attendance gift
  • Give them away with custom lanyards and reusable shopping bags
  • Direct new members to your website to learn more about becoming part of your congregation

As friends, neighbors, and family learn of the story behind the lapel pin, the natural urge to secure a pin for themselves will kick in – creating a very large “referral network” and lead base that your congregation can tap into.

Customize Your Church Lapel Pins for a Personal Touch

Church lapel pins are ideal because they allow fully customizable designs no matter how intricate they may be. That means that the stained glass windows in your church can be replicated on a lapel pin. This adds to the collectability of the pins and also makes them more meaningful. Members hold a piece of their personal history in their hands when they are given a unique church lapel pin. They reflect your church’s personality and beliefs.

Use Your Church Lapel Pins to Create Community & Relationships

Lapel pins can be used in a way to identify new members of a congregation. This allows others the opportunity to introduce themselves and welcome individuals and families to the church. This adds a sense of community to the group and solidifies relationships right from the start.

They can also help identify different groups located within the organization. Each group can have their own pins which make it easier for others to be able to distinguish who holds what position within the church. Examples include:

  • Bible Study Group
  • Choir Members
  • Church Leadership
  • Ushers
  • Youth Groups

Lapel Pins Are Cost-Effective for Any Size Church

Lastly, lapel pins can be one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting your church. Assuming a lapel pin cost of $1.80 per pin, it would cost ONLY 15 CENTS EACH MONTH PER MEMBER ($1.80 / 12 months = $0.15) for an army of church marketing evangelists!

In Closing

When you’re looking for a unique way to increase your church membership, consider the visual and sentimental impact of custom lapel pins.

They may be small in physical appearance, but can have a big impact on your marketing efforts, and are a great way to extend your presence in your community.

Try using our online customization tool to create your own custom church pin for your congregation!

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Church Lapel Pins are a Great Marketing Tool For Any Church
Despite the Size, Lapel Pins Deliver a Big Marketing Impact
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